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Cham Island Tours
Visible from Cua Dai Beach, Cham Island lies in the South China Sea some 21km from Hoi An. The island is one of eight islands that make up the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, which was created in 2004 to protect 165 coral reefs and the 200 species of fish, coral and reptiles living in the reefs and islands.

The island chain is sparsely populated by fishing villages, and the island's main industry is the harvesting of swifts' nests. The nests, which male swifts make using their unique saliva, are a highly prized delicacy in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Singapore when prepared as a soup. The swifts breed in caves on the island, and the nest harvest is carefully monitored by the Hoi An authorities.

A trip to unspoilt Cham Island not only lets you witness the biological diversity of the South China Sea, but offers a window into the lives of remote fishing villages that have changed little in centuries.

Seventeen’s Travel offers following tours to Cham Island:
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